Custom Machining

Large Idler Bore and Tread Repairs

Cost Effective & High Quality

We offer Idler Repairs that are cost effective and high quality. We can hard face the tread area for you to ensure a long working life. We perform in-house hardness testing to confirm the correct hardness due to dilution of materials.

Idler Wheel Tread Reclaim

Full Repair & Rebuild

This is a RH170 Idler Wheel under the process of a tread reclaim. We have the full facilities for a full repair and rebuild of these components.

Idler Durocone Seal Area and Inner Hub Repair

All repair and assemble work is completed according to the Manufactures Specifications. We use original parts such as seals and bushes but can also offer the option of high quality after market parts to make your repair more cost effective.

Metal Machining Services

  • Heavy Fabrication
  • Pin, boss & bush manufacture
  • Large Idler repairs
  • Idler side arm repairs & yoke repairs
  • Line boring (in house and on site)
  • Design and Special Projects

Quality Workmanship, Fast Turnaround, Reliability and Service

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