Cylinder Honing

In Engine piston and cylinder mechanism effective machining method for cylinder:

  • Removing stock
  • Generating exacting
  • Bore tolerances
  • Bore polishing

Finishing bores of almost any material such a: sprayed coatings, CGI, Ceramics
Honing machines are metal abrading tools and process utilizing hard tooling and perishable abrasives stones for the correction of:

  • Diameter
  • Shape
  • Surface finish
  • Positional tolerances of bores

The hone process was developed to allow for perfection of bore geometry, size control, final surface finish and surface structuring.

The honing process provides the final sizing and creates the desired finish pattern on the interior of tubing or cylinder bores.

Finishing is accomplished by expanding abrasive stones of suitable grit and grade against the work surface.

The stones are rotated and reciprocated in the part with hone abrasive under controlled pressure.

Combining rotation and reciprocation produces a cross-hatch pattern in the surface of the part being honed.

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