Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Our In-House Cylinder Repair Capabilities

  • BMI customers demand cylinder repairs that last. Our workshops are well equipped with facilities that include:
  • Accommodating cylinders up to 12,000mm length and 600mm bore
  • Nut tensioning up to 75,000 ftlb and 20 tonne pull apart force
  • Extensive testing facilities compatible with mineral oils and solcenic fluids
  • Cylindrical honing and linishing up to 4,000mm length x 600mm diameter
  • Lathe sizes from 1 – 8m
  • Multiple 5 tonne bed Mills
  • Cylinder rod and barrel remanufacture capabilities including a vast database of data and knowledge to assist.

Huge range of manual and CNC machines for turning, honing, milling, boring and drilling operations, including:

  • Turning up to 8,000mm length and 1,000mm diameter
  • Honing up to 8,000mm length and 650mm diameter
  • Milling up to 1,800mm x 600mm x 750mm
  • Boring up to 8,000mm deep and 600mm diameter
  • Deep hole drilling up to 3,000mm deep and 150mm diameter

Metal Machining Services

  • Heavy Fabrication
  • Pin, boss & bush manufacture
  • Large Idler repairs
  • Idler side arm repairs & yoke repairs
  • Line boring (in house and on site)
  • Design and Special Projects

Hydraulic Cylinder Services

  • Hydraulic cylinder reseals/sourcing of seals
  • Full cylinder overhaul or manufacture
  • Re-rods & re-barrels
  • Eye repairs or modification
  • Re-bushing
  • Gland repairs
  • Bronze overlay
  • Re-chroming
  • Honing up to 24″ diameter
  • Linishing
  • Gun drilling
  • Part remanufacture
  • Welding to Australian standard AS3992
  • In-house testing facilities

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