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As one of Brisbane’s leading Truck hydraulic system and machinery repair workshops, you can be assured of quality workmanship and excellent customer service. Our team brings years of experienced combined with professional trade training to provide you with a prompt efficient service to get you back on the road faster.

Hook Lift, Tip & Skip Bin Loader Repairs

  • Electric & pneumatic fault repairs
  • Structural body repairs
  • Maintenance and servicing
  • Full cylinder overhauls
  • New or 2nd hand body fitment and compliance

BMI-Designed 12,000L Water Trucks

  • Fully air actuated controls
  • Current load legislation act compliance
  • Water tanks baffled to comply with federal load restraint guide
  • 7separate spray heads and 1 air actuated water cannon as standard

Bmi Engineering fits a vast range of hookloaders and skipsloaders. At BMi Engineering we are not tied to any specific label or banner, so our fitment offers solutions for the specific needs of our customers and will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and customer to customer. We are Certified ISO 9001 and the quality of our workmanship is paramount.

Through Compliance, certifications standards and custom engineered solutions, we ensure the product delivered to the customer exactly suits their requirements. Functional design and practicality of hookloaders and skiploaders ensures simple use and low maintenance. We offer a durable product solutions and good operational profitability of your equipment, through the use of an extensive range throughout Australia and imported machines.

For some of the toughest working conditions, you need repairs you can rely on. At BMI Engineering we have been servicing the industry for over fifteen years, fitting and repairing the nation’s toughest hook lifts, truck-mounted cranes, skip loaders, side loaders, concrete pumps, tippers, tilt trays, skid steers, and just about anything that has wheels or tracks with hydraulics.

When your machine is serviced and or repaired at BMi Engineering, you know that you’re getting a high-quality service and quality repairs by specialist staff trained for quality workmanship to withstand the unforgiving Australian conditions.

At our facility we can strip your machine, re-pin, re-bush, hose replacement and repair all aspects of your machine including electrical, pneumatic, and Directional Control Valve repairs. We do all hydraulic cylinder repairs in house including reseals, re-rods, re-barrels and can reclaim all components. By having all of these services available at the one site we are confident in saying your repair will be turned around faster and at a better price if you were to use a workshop that sub contracts this work out.

Repair and Maintain – DON’T Rebuild

As you would know a well maintained machine is paramount to smooth operations, and unforeseen repairs can cost crucial down time and be expensive. I would like to show you information of our service schedule that we have set up to keep repair bills to a minimum.

Our larger clients have implemented this service schedule and reported a lower repair cost over the financial year that has just passed. This service schedule focusses on spotting minor wear that requires only minor repairs before they turn into major damage requiring extensive and expensive repairs. These machines do require more maintenance than just greasing. The service we are providing covers the following components:

  • Pins and Bushes
  • Slide Wear Blocks (Wear Pads)
  • Cracks and Damage (Arms)
  • Cracks and Damage Main Body
  • Body Mounts and Security Bolts
  • Check Lifting Gear
  • Inspect and Report on Hook
  • Inspect and report on Chains
  • Inspect and report on Hammer Locks
  • Check all Hydraulic Hoses for Leaks
  • Check Hydraulic Cylinders for Leaks
  • Check Rods for Damage
  • Check Barrels for Damage
  • Directional Control Valve Checks
  • Report on Control Decals
  • Interlock System Checks
  • Safety Locks and Controls Including E-Stops
  • Warning Lights and Controls
  • System Pressure Checks
  • Oil Filter Change
  • Filler Breather Change
  • Oil Change (Every Twelve Months)
  • Split PUMP from PTO, Inspect Shaft and Seal Lubricate and Assemble (Every Twelve Months)

All services come with a comprehensive report which includes photos of damage and repairs. We follow strict ISO 9001-2008 document control, and keep this very important information on file for our valued clients. This way, in the event of a failure on site or on the road you can have full confidence that you can produce documents that will support your OHS duty of care in having a well maintained and safe fleet of vehicles.

Quality Workmanship, Fast Turnaround, Reliability and Service

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