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The strength on many pieces of construction or mining equipment come from its Hydraulics systems. The ability for BMI Engineering to perform hydraulic cylinder repairs and rebuilds not only keeps your equipment functioning but can greatly extend the life cycle of one of your largest investments. BMI Engineering is ISO 9001 – 2015 compliant.

Our hydraulic repair facilities

At BMi Engineering services our workshops are well equipped to perform any necessary cylinder maintenance including complete rebuilds, remanufacturing to factory or custom specifications and general repairs and testing.

Our In-House Cylinder Repair Capabilities

BMI customers demand cylinder repairs that last. Our workshops are well equipped with facilities that include:

  • Accommodating cylinders up to 12,000mm length and 600mm bore
  • Nut tensioning up to 75,000 ftlb and 20 tonne pull apart force
  • Extensive testing facilities compatible with mineral oils and solcenic fluids
  • Cylindrical honing and linishing up to 4,000mm length x 600mm diameter
  • Lathe sizes from 1 – 8m
  • Multiple 5 tonne bed Mills
  • Cylinder rod and barrel remanufacture capabilities including a vast database of data and knowledge to assist.

Metal Machining Services

At BMI Engineering we are well aware that not all hydraulic system issues or machinery problems are in the cylinders themselves that is why we offer a wide array of metal machining services as a complement to our cylinder repair work.

Other metal work we stand ready help you with includes:

  • Heavy Fabrication
  • Pin, boss & bush manufacture
  • Large Idler repairs
  • Idler side arm repairs & yoke repairs
  • Line boring (in house and on site)
  • Design and Special Projects

Hydraulic Cylinder Services

Regardless of your repair needs, BMI Engineering has the tools, personnel and knowledge to see that your equipment is back up and performing at its best in the shortest possible time. If we can’t make your old parts look and function like brand new, we can custom build you the ones you need at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new equipment.

  • Hydraulic cylinder reseals/sourcing of seals
  • Full cylinder overhaul or manufacture
  • Re-rods & re-barrels
  • Eye repairs or modification
  • Re-bushing
  • Gland repairs
  • Bronze overlay
  • Re-chroming
  • Honing up to 24″ diameter
  • Linishing
  • Gun drilling
  • Part remanufacture
  • Welding to Australian standard AS3992
  • In-house testing facilities

When you depend on well functioning hydraulic systems, there is just one name you need to remember; BMI Engineering. With state of the art equipment, extensive knowledge, fast turnaround times and in-house manufacturing and testing facilities, we are there when you need us most.

BMI Engineering – Your Family Owned and Operated Hydraulic Specialist Company. We Service, Repair and Manufacture any Hydraulic Components.

Expert team

Our team have many years of experience performing all types of hydraulic work from the custom manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders to simple repairs. One of the ways we make sure to keep the best people working for us is by giving them the best tools to work with.

We have a huge range of manual and CNC machines on site for turning, honing, milling, boring and drilling operations, including:

  • Turning up to 8,000mm length and 1,000mm diameter
  • Honing up to 8,000mm length and 650mm diameter
  • Milling up to 1,800mm x 600mm x 750mm
  • Boring up to 8,000mm deep and 600mm diameter
  • Deep hole drilling up to 3,000mm deep and 150mm diameter

By keeping all of our operations in-house we maintain total control of the quality of the parts that leave our shop. That is how we have become and stayed one of the top hydraulic repair locations in Brisbane and considered by many to be one of the best hydraulic repair companies in Queensland.

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